Mewari Language

Generally, the language name ‘Rajasthani’ is taken after the name of the state. Sometimes ‘Rajasthani’ is called either after the name of its major dialects (In general, people believe that ‘Rajasthani’ is a language and all other varieties in Rajasthan are dialects) or the regions using these dialects for example ‘Marwari’, ‘Mewari’ etc. ‘Rajasthani’ is neither a language spoken exclusively by a group of people nor a conglomeration of numerous dialects.

Linguistically it is classified as Indo-Aryan. ‘Mewari’ is the language spoken in the Mewar region of Rajasthan. This name of the language is taken after the name of the region. ‘Mewari’ is the second largest language in Rajasthan and it also plays a vital role in Rajasthani literature. ‘Mewari’ language is reported to be distinct from standard ‘Marwari’ language.

There are many research institutes, both government and private. There are also number of poets and writers, and plenty of literature available in Mewari.

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